Testicle Play

I love to have my balls played with and my wife glady accomodates me. Foreplay often begins with her stroking and playing with my penis and then sliding a hand down to my nut sack. She'll gently pull the skin on my sack, fondle my balls and pull on them as well. For whatever reason, I get turned on by her pulling on my balls and it seems as though she can't pull them too far. It is a delicious feeling.

When I penetrate her, she is always attentive to my balls. My wife will reach down and gently tease my sack with her fingertips, her nails and alternate very gentle touches with more aggressive sack pulling and ball tugs. This technique is very erotic to me and the more she plays with my balls and sack, the tighter my nuts draw up.

While in the missionary position, she'll flick my nut sack as I draw closer to ******. How this started exactly I don't quite remember but she did this several years ago, simply flicking my nuts with her index finger. The sensation was electric and she treats me to it regularly. She might flick me once or twice in quick succession and then let me rest, all the while as I am inside her. With the first flick or two, I can feel something release inside of me and there is no turning or holding back at this point. With another flick, the *** begins to drip from me and soon I am spurting to climax. Wow!

I'd recommend adding this to your sex play.
flyfish54 flyfish54
56-60, M
Sep 28, 2012