Rectal Speculum

i have not yet played with one of these toys, but my fantasy experience runs wild thinking about it.

 MATHIEU RECTAL SPECULUM is a three bladed device that can stretch the hole to over 2-1/2". i imagine myself bound to a stockade on my hands and knees with my *** displayed for anyone to see. As any of the Women in the room walk by, They ratchet the device another notch, until finally i am opened up to the full 2-1/2 inches. i am left this way until my cheeks and tender flesh ache for release. But all my whining goes unasnwered. Finally, it is announced that i will be released. But before the device is removed a ball is tied to the end of a length of string and is pushed in. Then, thankfully the speculum is removed and my *** opeing struggles to close. As my muscles regain some strength, the tender opening now holds the ball intruder deep inside me. i am put on my back and my knees pulled towards my face. My feet are tied together and then the string hanging from the ball is in turn tied to my feet. If i try to straighten my legs, i will yank the ball painfully from my backside. If i do nothing, i know my legs will begin to cramp. i roll to my side and do the only thing i can - i go to sleep . . .
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61-65, M
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

very hot, i think the end of the string should be tired to a outwardly openning door knob that could be randomly openned at anytime.