He Did It...

love sucking ****... as evident in my story "super head" ;-) But face ******* is such a turn on for me.... Im off work & school today so have been being lazy laying around playing on EP
My man came in and caught me fingering myself... "I see your being a little ****... as usual" I tried to get up quickly... but didnt make it as he came over to the bed and slapped the phone from my hand "Little ***** have to please their man on demand... you know the rules..." With that he pulled his sweatpants down and straddled my chest... the thick tip of his black **** pressing against my lips. "Open up!!" I opened my mouth as his thick **** slipped between my lips... Then he leaned forward moving his body over my face slowly sliding in and out of my mouth, like he was making love to my lips. All of the sudden he put one hand on my throat and one on the headboard and began ******* my mouth like he was ravishing a new *****... Im taking his **** deep into my throat but I start to choke.. as this happens he pushes completely into my mouth I choke as tears come from my eyes his groin pressed hard against my face... my saliva spilling out the sides of my mouth... I cant breathe... I grasp at his body trying to push him out.. just to get some air... with that he lays his entire body weight on me pumping his hot *** deep in my throat... I choke and it spills all over my face and him... he grabs me by the hair... jerks me off his ****.. rolls over and pushes my face back down to his crotch... "lick it up ****!"
Trueredwoman Trueredwoman
36-40, F
Sep 12, 2012