Curls, Curls, And Spray

After visiting my regular girl this week I needed to check in with my alternate girl again. She was available this morning and as she was caping me she asked what I had in mind for a set. My response was, "whatever your talent will do for me" She proceeded to put lots of small rollers all over this head and then led me over to the dryer. Fifteen minutes later she went to work with her comb and hair pic and did an awesome job forming curls all over my head. Lots of spray to hold in the curls and I was almost done,. She then asked if I wanted some sparkle spray but I thought I would wait until closer to Xmas. This is the best comb out I have had in a long time and no doubt will be back to her in a few days.
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66-70, M
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

that sound lovely I'd like that done to my hair

Time at the beauty salon, never wasted. Nice story. Thank you.