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I was working at Miss Judy's beauty parlour as a shampoogirl for a few years. it was a wonderful job with lots of benefits. sometimes when things got slow towards the end of the day the beauticians would do each others hair and I was no exception. sometimes I would go back to the shampoo sinks and give myself a forward shampoo and have one of the girls roller set my hair and go home in those rollers. I had some regular perms and body perms in the past in the beauty parlour and at home by my mother but had never had a roller type perm. One evening just before closing I went back to the shampoo bowl and decided to lean backwards in the sink to shampoo my hair. I had the water on and wet my hair while I leaned forward the shut off the water and leaned backwards to apply the shampoo and lather my hair.
After a few minutes one of the beauticians walked back and saw me shampooing and stepped up to the sink to take over the shampoo. she poured on a little more shampoo and continued to lather my hair. She said " instead of regular roller set tonight let me give you a roller perm". I told her tht it was Ok with me. so she rinsed my hair and had me stay at the sink while she went to get something. She came back with a bottle of pre perm conditioner and applied it to my hair and worked it in for about 5 minutes then rinsed it. She wrapped a towel around my hair and we went to her chair. She brought out a tray of plastic magnetic rollers and began to roll my hair using plastic pins to hold the rollers in place. Each roller was placed very neatly and smooth. I looked up when she finished setting my hair to see a most beautiful head of rollers. She then brought out a can that had a foam perm solution in it and began to foam in each roller. she used all of the can covering my entire head in foam. She had me sit in her chair for about thirty minutes as we talked. She told me that this was a type of body perm that would give lots of fullness and lift to my hair especially when I set it again.
When the time was up she led me back to the sink and rinsed the solution from my hair and the rollers and applied the neutrilizer over the rollers. That sat on my hair for just a few minutes then she took out the rollers and wet my hair and worked the neutrilizer solution through. It lathered up very slightly as she worked it in. then she rinsed my hair, wrapped my hair in a towel and brought me back to her chair and set my hair on some large rollers that I wore while we went to have some dinner and then came back to the shop where she took out those rollers and let the curls fall. I had a headful of the most bouncy fulls curls I had ever had. In a few days when I got to shampoo and set again it was great.
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Love your story. I had my hair permed and set in rollers in my 20's I enjoyed every minute of it.
Especially when I sit under the dryer. I used to go twice a week for my shampoo and set.unfortunately I am losing my hair and can no longer set it.

i.e. enjoy having my hair set and I have had my hair with a body wave port prove my hair and a semi permanent hair colour that blends in with my natural colour .
I love the hairstyles from the 1940s proven to be 1970s specially beehives and French rolls and bouffant hairstyles

You are so lucky - I am a traditional 65yr old Man, but I still have wet dreams about this and I can almost smell the perm solution. I wish I'd had it done in the 70's when it was all the rage.

Having one's hair permed is a very enjoyable experience, plus the fact you could have it permed & set anytime you wanted was a nice perk to your job. I have loved each and every perm that I've had over the years......leaving the salon with a head of lovely curls is a real turn on for me. Perms aren't as popular as they were years ago and this makes my perming experiences more enjoyable having all to see me leaving the salon with my new head of curls.

Sounds fun. I never had a roller perm but have had body perms with larger perm rods. They do hold a roller set much better.

You really need to get a roller set. It is so relaxing and enjoyable. Don't miss out on a great opportunity