I Miss Having Someone To Play With My Hair.

I've always liked having my hair brushed, shampooed and played with. One of my favorite things in the world is while watching tv is to sit in the floor between a mans legs while he brushes and plays with my hair. I like it too when I have my head in his lap and he strokes and plays with my hair. I had one boyfriend who actually enjoyed taking care of my hair for me he would wash, dry and brush out my hair. I am blessed with naturally curly hair that is thick and dark brown. I secretly love it when people come up and want to touch my hair. Going to get my hair cut and shampooed is something that I really enjoy. When I watch those shopping network shows that they are brushing out the womens hair I wish I was them. Since I have been single for awhile I really miss having someone play with my hair.
luv2dream127 luv2dream127
46-50, F
3 Responses Sep 26, 2010

Wish you lived in Iowa. I would wash your hair for you

Wow, your hair sounds so pretty and would be so much fun to shampoo, condition, brush and play with. I have so many times wanted to go up to a woman in a store who has very pretty hair and ask her about her hair and ask to touch it and feel how soft it is. I am always afraid of the reaction of doing that. I think most woman would love to have their hair played with. Any suggestions on what to say to a woman with pretty hair that I would like to touch?

You are a woman I have been looking for. I love to do all those things you like. Including, and especailly wash your hair in a forward manner over the sink. My wife and I are basically living together more as room mates and she doesn;t let me do anything to her hair anymore, plus it is short. Like long and semi-long hair.<br />
I live in North Central IN and am free most week days during the day. Email me at sthair9@yahoo.com if interested