Will You Play With My Hair?

ahhh....i love to have my hair played with it's so relaxing I sometimes will fall asleep. I have really long hair and my neices love to play with it (they think I'm a barbie) lol lol the first thing they ask when I go visit them is  aunt lisa can we play with you'r hair? Of course I don't mind I love it..... When I was little my mom would fix my hair it's funny because I remember hating that and would take out my braids or take down my pony tails...lol  silly now I think about it. Just wish someone was here to play with my long hair now my x-boyfriend would brush my hair after I showered ( I know sweet right) then he would sometimes braid it...not the best braids but I loved it.
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It really must feel good to have your hair played with like that! Soothing, invigorating, and it takes you to a special place and time! It's so beautiful!

omg! Take one post, add lots of pervo fetish ****, simmer and let cool for one freaky waste of space and time. No to mention announcing to the world you are a potential closet serial killer, roflmfao!

i m lover of long hair

I Love Girls with Long Hair. I like it down to their Lower Back or Upper Back, at least Shoulder Length. I Love Playing with a Girls Hair too :) I Love Running my Fingers through it, putting it in Ponytails, trying to do Up-Do's, Brushing it, Washing it, Blow Drying it, and Straightening it :) When a Girl asks me to Play with her Hair, I say yes with no hesitation. I will Play with it for Hours and Hours and not expect a single thing in return. If you want to talk more about Hair, Message me...I'd enjoy that.

aunt Lisa, can I play with your long hair too?

mmmmmmmmm...would love to play with your hair (just how longgggg are we talking?)

I love to play with a woman's hair. I will run my fingers through the hair, top to bottom. When the strands are all un tangled, I go to a soft brush and I brush the hair until it is bright and shiny. The woman I do this to tell me they love it. They feel more relaxed and calmer than before we started. I get recommendations from them allowing me to play with more hair.

Email me at sthair9@yahoo.com. Will play with your hair if you also let me wash it in a forward manner over the sink then brush and play with it. I am also on tagged under Dan Hartley and have a facebook page under Dan Hartley. If your serious about doing this than contact me now.

Playing with long hair is defenitely one of my favourites... it's sensual in a way that it's almost spiritual, so to me it's never "just" about hair or "just" a turn on as some people might think. Lisa, your hair sounds gorgeous. When can I come? lol

wow...your hair sounds amazing!

I'd love to put your hair in a braid and then play with it. :P

long and soft it has it's natural shine to it and gose down to almost my a$$ and love havin it brushed or just fingers ran through it ...so relaxing it almost puts me to sleep every time .......you can come over n play with mines any time

What is your hair like? I really enjoy playing with woman's hair. I am always trying to play with my wife's hair. She enjoys laying her hair across a pillow and lets me brush it and play with it. I have so much fun doing that. Love the feel of silky hair running through my fingers. What is your hair like?

whenever ya want to baby cakes!

When do I get to party with your hair lovely?

ok well nice to meet ya! N thx for brushin my hair needed that just got outta bed lol lol

Would love to play with, brush and even wash your hair in a forward manner over the sink. Email me at sthair9@yahoo.com if interested, I live in North Central Indiana

got my brush ready and waiting

well i just got otta the shower sooooo

well i just got otta the shower sooooo

id sit you down in front of me and brush and caress your hair

Its nice being a living barbie. When I was younger playmates used to brush my hair into dos they thought would look better. Now I have to pay someone to touch my hair. Stylists are quite expensive, so its a rarity.

well then hurry ur cute a$$ on over here ...hurry though I just got outta the shower! Lol xoxoxo

well it's down to my lower back ....beautiful but it needs cut I think this spring I'm gonna cut it to my mid back

I would love to :D I enjoy playing with a ladies hair, is equally relaxing for me too. So how long is your hair?

lol ur a naughty boy! Let me guess..my hair up n me naked so u'll have somethin to hold onto lolz

i'll gladly play with ur hair... how i play with it depends on what ur doing at the time ;)

well time to try again don't ya think....take a shower togeather n wash his back..when ur finished grab his hand n put some shampoo n it n turn around so he gets the hhint...luck!

oh I'm sorry maybe if you ask " would you like me to brush ur hair for you ?" be sweet about it who could say no? Try.

She won't even let me TOUCH her :(

more like roommates ....ya been there. Next time surprise her when she gets outta the shower who knows you may get some points for the good deed

I LOVE playing with long hair! My wife used to have long hair, and I helped her wash it and brush it. But that was when we had a relationship. Now we are just sharing a house!