I Love The Hair Twist

I smile when i read this groups title..i love my hair played with.....the hair twist.....to lay and close ur eyes as someone stroke the strands......running their fingers thru it all the way to the ends and letting it fall back...the best is when it lands across the forehead and u feel it drag across the skin as they twist a piece around the finger lettin it go to look like a spring.....it jumping to undo...as it falls back to place...i just love it played with...puts me to ease...to rub almost pet across to pull my air back like to put it into a ponytail...even that makes me smile....a small braid or twist....any touch to my hair......small littles like that..are bigs....
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3 Responses Feb 14, 2012

I was playing with my hair 2 seconds into the story. Thanks for that!<br />
<br />
I've been playing with my hair like that since I was a young boy ... I still do it today. I can always tell when I need to get a hair cut ... I always find myself playing with it. I'm so glad to have a full head of soft, silky hair to rub between my fingers. Sooo soothing.

wow.... a great desc<x>ription of having your hair played with. What is your hair like? I could play with hair for hours. I love the way it feels and moves when I play with it. twisting the hair is fun and watch it spring back is a lot of fun.

sounds familiar..lol =)