Come...have A Feel.

There's NOTHING better than someone special's hands in my hair! Their fingers running through my lustrous locks. It can evoke so many different feelings and emotions for me. From that gentle stroking that can calm my fears or alleviate the challenges of a stressful day.  It can take me back to childhood and being that little girl that needs tenderness, that safeness. Then there are those times when he firmly grips the back of my head and runs his fingers up the nape of my neck, it always grabs my attention and stimulates me like nothing else! Makes me feel alive, desired and feminine. I am His and He is in control now. It's truly amazing the spectrum of feelings this simple act can bring forth in appeals greatly... to the little girl deep inside to the woman standing in front of you. We're one in the same and the simple act of touching my hair can truly transport me!
desertrosebud desertrosebud
36-40, F
2 Responses Apr 19, 2012

You have a way with words. Good way

Thank you, I speak from my heart.

Cool. What is your hair like? I love playing with hair.