The Start Of My Hair Fetish

I've written a book about my fetish. It's called The Face Burns Red. Here is an excerpt:

"Like so many of the peculiarities that make us unique, my fetish is indubitably rooted in my earliest years. Amongst the many vivid recollections existing in the panoply of childhood memory is the one that sees me, aged nine, sitting on a high breakfast bar chair in the middle of the kitchen with a black cape fastened round my neck. It was of such a length that it cloaked my whole body and, to my young febrile imagination, made me look as though I was stuck in a volcano with only my head able to make it out of the crater. In front of me, on the work surface of the breakfast bar is a portable mirror. Behind me is a woman with black hair pulled back into severe bun, wordlessly cutting my hair. She is a hairdresser by trade but also often babysits me as a favour for my mother. That early summer evening in our kitchen, she was combining the two. My hair is wet and her comb and scissors are waving theatrically as she works furiously over my head, her dark red lips puckered in concentration. The only time she speaks is when I move my head out of the desired position, at which point she shouts at me to keep my head still and, grabbing a fistful of hair, pulls my head back into position. I have always known her to have a wicked streak – a trait I had always found far from endearing, but in this instance?...In this instance, I’m finding it captivating. I want her to punish me further by pulling my hair tighter. I want both of her hands gripping my head and I want to see her knuckles glow white and watch her face grow more and more stern. And so, again and again, I tilt my head forward and the more I move, the more vigorously she pulls my hair and the more vicious the reprimand -“I will smack you so very hard if you keep moving” – and the more wicked she gets, and the more I experience this new kind of delirium. Beneath my cape, I’m rubbing my growing ****, surrendering myself to this new all- encompassing pleasure. She then wets my hair and slicks it brusquely into a side-parting and I find myself now fully immersed in a new foreign sensation. I continue to rub my **** under the cape and, with tautened legs, my rigid penis quickly shudders with the delight of its release. I writhe on the seat and the hairdresser regards me curiously in the mirror while removing the cape. I climb down from the stool and she notices my exhausted semi-erect penis protruding through the dark wet patch on my pyjama trousers. Her red-rimmed mouth parts and I can see the tip of that venomous tongue of hers slowly sweep from one side of her mouth to the other. “We’re going to have to wash those before your mother gets home. Take them off,” she says. She considers me quietly as I stand partially naked before her. I feel vulnerable but within that vulnerability there are pangs of excitement at the thought of what might happen next. Then she orders me to go to my room."

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2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

I think a lot of people who are hairy are proud of that, its the people who are not so hairy that are more likely to shave or wax any hair off. If I see a man in the street or any place who has hairy legs, chest, arms etc, it is unlikely that he will shave or trim any hair off anywhere in his body, including his private part hair, I am like that, hairy everywhere and have never trimmed any hair off anywhere, including 'down there', only my head hair it cut, I do shave my face.

I have always had a bit of a hair fetish, it started when I was about 11 or 12, first I developed hairy bushy eyebrows and hoped I would be generally hairy all over during my teens. My wish came true as at 13 I noticed a vast range of black dots developing around my private parts. Within a month these dots had all become small hairs and during when I was 14 they grew rapidly, so by 15 I had a absolute jungle of hair surrounding my penis and extending up as far as my belly button, I felt very happy about that. I was also developing hairy legs and arms as well, I was just a matter of time before I would have a hairy chest as well. At 16, just like when I was 13, I noticed a vast amount of black dots developing all over my chest, wow I thought, I am going to have a hairy chest soon. T hair on my chest grew a little slower than my pubic hair about 3 years earlier but it grew nevertheless so by the time I was 19 I had a nice hairy chest which I was very proud of. Since 15 I also have had a hairy neck, my father always ordered me to go to the hairdresser/barber every 2 or 3 weeks to tidy up my neck, it was a bit of a drag going, but those thick neck hair at age 18 or perhaps earlier started to extend down to my shoulders. Thinking back on that, I think I took more notice on my chest hair than the hair extending down to my shoulders, but I think I did have hairy shoulders perhaps at 18 but did not really notice that. I would love to see a photo of how hairy my shoulders were at 18. Then I imagine the hair on my chest was no more than 1" long, same as my shoulders, not like now, the hair on both my shoulders and chest is at least 4" long and very thick.