Brush Your Fingers Through My Hair

I love this feeling . Ahh I go weak in the knees when someone does this

to me . That feeling of fingers pulling softly through the strands of your

hair , rubbing your scalp slightly ,closing your eyes and just drifting , it is

so pleasurable and calming . It is such a loving comforting gesture I cant

help but melt


softkitti softkitti
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15 Responses Oct 16, 2009

I didnt know that so many girls loved this..! Why do I so rarely meet anyone like this?? If I could, I would be stroking beautiful hair everyday :)

ohh yes I cant speak for all girls but I know for myself and a few others I know .. there is something so great about fingers in your hair softly brushing and playing

Makes me reaaaally happy to hear! Do you have long hair..? :) good to find a place where poeple feel the same as me

lol.. when I read this I smiled since i do that all the time !!! all the time .. the red light is the perfect time to do some hair finger brushing !!=-)

I often get turned on while sitting at a red light watching a woman rubbing her hands through her own hair. She is most likely doing this unconciously without being aware of what it does for her unknown observers.

yes longhair it makes me so mellow =-)

i love doing it to myself but if someone else does it to me.. the pleasure is doubled... too good...

Yes I love it too , it has me purring and snoozing in no time ..thanks for your comment =-D

As a guy. I can say for me this feeling is extremely amazing!!!! It can put me to sleep :D

And Flaboy starts by gently running a brush through your hair, and stroking it with his fingers, loving the soft feeling of it. Then he warms the coconut shampoo in the microwave, and smooths your hair over the cape

wow..wee.. yess .. *kitti gets into salon bib ..runs to chair and slides into salon chair and hands flaboy327 a bottle of coconut shampoo*

I'm another guy like ironman. Love to pamper a lady, brush her hair, give her a luxurious shampoo, gently dry her hair with a warm blower and my fingers fluffing her hair. I love it when she loves it..

ahhhhhh nirvana my darling , and since my hair is so long it will take all afternoon dont tease me so ironman;)

melt ironman , absolutely melt darling !!!

yay another hair pla<x>yer thats it we are starting a club!;) thanks fun

ha ha , I know sometimes without realizing watching tv or even talking on the phone I will find myself running my fingers through my hair .... Thank you for commenting seeking