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No Haircut, Just Washing Please

Sometimes I go to the barber's shop (is that still the name for the place you go to have your hair cut?)

Even if I don't need a haircut, but I just want to have a good massage.
It's only just around the corner. It's pretty expensive but it's so worth the money!

rocker6346 rocker6346 18-21, M 1 Response Jun 15, 2008

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It turned out after first being embarrassed & jittery,,,, I really liked the way this elderly beautician would shampoo my hair.. I was 17 and she was about 70. It was the first time I had my hair washed in any hair salon... A dated looking place with equipment and decor of the 60's,,, I got addicted to getting the shampoo more than a haircut. The stylist was young , but the shop assistants were mostly elderly /even retired beauticians just helping out.. I though for sure after my 1st appt there it would be the last because of this.. But then I got addicted to it... I liked the stylist... and then looked forward to those old lady assistants starting me off with a good 15 minute shampoo..