The Delights Of Rubber Mackintoshes

As a child I was fascinated by the sight of peopleon motorbikes wearing shiny black rubber mackintoshes and boots or waders.  Even the girls on the pillion wore black mackintoshes. For some inexplicable reason each sighting sent a strange but pleasant signal which led to a semi erection which led to fondling of this part of my anatomy.  Wearing a littlerubber mackintosh myself this soon led to the obvious conclusion.  By the early age of seven or eight I was a confirmed and regularly practising mackintosh fetishist.  If nothing else this can confirm that a mackintosh fetish can be congenital.  I can draw no other conclusion as I was stimulated by the sight of a rubber mackintosh and by the feelings the wearing of my own mackintosh generated. The sound, the smell and the feeling of the rubber surface to my touch the made the excitement grow to a level where it was impossible to refrain from ****** in order to relieve this strange stimulation.  This is where it all bega´n and I have been a lifelong lover of mackintoshes, rubber thigh length waders, to which have been addedthe small details of the motorbike world which is also astrong part of my enjoyment, an old style m/c helmet, goggles etc and gauntleted mittens madeout of an old mackintosh.  The satisfaction from wearing mackintoshes and waders has been fantastic, amongst the most powerful experiences I had had, the sound odof rippling black rubber, the smell of mackintosh and the feeling of being almost enclosed inthe shiny black material from head to foot.  I know I share this with tens of thousands of other mackintosh lovers.  What makes my particular fetish a little unusual perhaps is that it centres around sitting astride a motorbike while wearing mackintosh rubber.  Delighted to hear from any and all like minded souls wherever you are and whatever your pleasures.  Rubberider   

rubberider rubberider
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2 Responses Nov 4, 2009

Great recollection!! Thanks for sharing!!!

I don't ride motorbikes, but I love the same feelings when going for a walk in similar gear.