My Friend

I can remember as a teen dressing in pantyhose and other girlie things. My friend Bob knew about this but had never seen me dressed. One night when I was alone and dressed up, wearing my favorite suntan pantyhose and heels, Bob had let himself in without me knowing, and caught me. I was embarrassed at first,but he said not to worry about it. He said I looked a little sexy, which made me feel very good. He asked if he could touch my legs, which at that time I sat on the bed and said yes. Wow, it was so wonderful. I laid down as he continued to rub my legs. He laid down beside me at which time he kissed me. I almost fainted. I kissed him back as he touched my legs. I was in love at this moment with Bob. I wanted him badly at this point. We were boy and girl embracing,kissing, touching and swirling in passion. I guess I'll have to continue my story in a different group! This is why I love pantyhose and having guys touch and rub my legs. Love, Michael
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I will tell you everything, Marcy when we are in each others arms again. Love u!

Very exciting, Michael. You're going to have to tell me what happened next!


Well, there you go... :)

I too, love the feeling when my legs are rubbed when I am wearing pantyhose.

Hmmm....I know what those lovely legs feel like...your feet, your calves, your thighs. I love stroking them. Perhaps we will be doing some mutual stroking in about a week and a half. Your Marcy