Lick And Suck Me Gently

There's a park by a small pond a few miles from that huge store. Its been raining earlier and the air is so fresh. He is sitting on a bench watching the ducks cruise around in the water and reading a paperback novel. I'm sitting on a bench about 25 or 30 yards away reading some piece of garbage romantic paprback. We are the only ones in the park. I finish reading and am heading for my car. I'm walking slowly past him and he looks up and say "hello." I'm not beautiful by any means but not bad. He looks me over, his eyes lingering on my knee length walking shorts, my small breasts outlined through my light blouse, nipples hard...erect.. I tilt my head back slightly extending my small throat. "Hi" he answers. "What are you reading" I ask. "One of those so called spy thrillers" he answera."How about you?" "A romantic thriller, written by somebody who's never been there" I answer. I continued "I'm going to walk a bit...want to join me?" He stands up and we follow the walkway across the park, walking for a half hour or so, enjoying the cool, fresh air and we come to a covered open building with picnic benches. "Time for a break" he announces and sits down straddling the bench seat. As he sits down I notice the bulge in his slacks, his strong hands... "Are you married? he asks.
I smile and straddle the bench seat, moving close to him. I don't answer and take his left hand and move it to my blouse. I unbutton it, unfasten my bra, then I stand and reach behind his head pulling his head, his face to my breasts. He immediately take my breast in his mouth, sucking my nipples, licking them, and covering me with his hot lips. He puts his mouth, his hungry lips to my other breast, I hold his head tight against me, my womanhood exploding,over and over again...I am so wet with my juices...
He continues to gently caress my breasts, lick my nipples slowly. After many minutes I reach up and I rmove his hands, his face, from my breasts. I sit down on the bench and tell him "Stand up" He stands, still straddling the bench and I move closer to him again. I unzip his slacks, reach in and take out his hot, swollen ****. I hold it in one hand as I get up and move around behind him. "Sit down" I order and he obeys. I'm behind him reaching around, holding his throbbing manhood and now I'm stroking it slow, then faster. I hear him making sounds I can't understand, then I hear him whisper "I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come..." He explodes as I stroke him, his hot, sweet creamy juice flowing outward. I keep stroking his shaft for a few more minutes and he leans back against me. I cover my hand with the last remaining bit of his creamy juice, release him and gently massage his cream into my swollen, erect nipples. I button my blouse and I help him sit up and then I get up from the bench.
"I gotta go" I shout as I walk toward my car. "Will I see you again?" He asks
"Maybe in cyberspace"
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2 Responses Apr 12, 2012

Omg I'd love to ram my **** down your throat

I wish you frequented the park near me, I love your exhibitionistic side! Plus I'm such a sucker for flirtatious erect nipples...