Legs Wrapped Around Me

First I am very lucky that being said I found out when I was 21 the pleasure of having my nipples played with tweaked and sucked. It is sometimes even more pleasurable than having my **** sucked. I often rub one of my nipples while pleasuring myself always brings me over the edge. I have never been with a woman who was as turned on as I was having her nipples played with.

I was in the Marines, no jokes please for 6 years and am now a contractor working overseas with very little attention so I figured I would write a story and maybe gain some friends.

I am in good shape and used to go dancing with a few of my friends 2-3 times a week. One of the places we always went to was a gay bar in Seattle called Neighbors which allowed men to have there shirts off while in the club. I did not mind other mens attention and often danced with just men because I was there just to have fun. Never going so far as to continue leading a man on though. After going regularly I met most of the other people who showed up every Thursday. One particular time my then girlfriend and another man and women joined us. We had a great time a few drinks and we all danced together and with others. At that point my girlfriend told me that she wanted to be done on the floor and for our friends to catch us. Since I was already shirtless she decided to trace her finger nails across my chest. The other two who were not a couple looked on since they were dancing right next to us. I ran my fingers up and down her neck and kissed her lightly. This gave her more encouragement and as we were dancing closer and closer to each other she would more occasionally run her fingers across my nipples visibly I was in impassioned and would often have my head and eyes roll back because of the pure pleasure. I grabbed her *** and lifted her skirt abit showing her cute boyshorts underwear and her nice curves. She whispered into my ear if it was ok to get the other two people involved. I said yes and she took the other two and lead into a three way kiss. Both were abit startled but into it. I then went up to the other women and from behind pulled her close. She pushed back into my feeling my **** and slid up and down its length with her ***. My fingers were free to explore the front side of her body and she moaned abit into my ear. I could see my girlfriend dancing close and rubbing the other guys **** as she kissed his neck. We all explored each others bodies for awhile and then my girlfriend came back to me and started licking my right nipple she encouraged the other girl to do the same and I could feel their hand grabbing and cupping my balls a squeezing my ***. They looked up at me and laughed because I was so shaken up by the ecstasy of it all. My girlfriend then lead me away from the other two who where than making out and lead me out to the middle of the dance flour. She then pulled down her underwear and unzipped my pants and lead my throbbing **** inside her while she turned around. We wanted to be sort of discreet but I am sure we failed at it. We were both standing her pushing her *** into me and before I came inside her I turned her around and picked her up having her legs wrap around me as I finished inside her. We held together as long as possible and created a amazing start to a very long night of love making.

Sorry for the grammar and spelling issues I cannot write that without getting turned and will know have to rectify the problem. Please hit me up with questions or sexy chat. I am new to this and would love to hear how you would make me beg.

shampoo82 shampoo82
31-35, M
May 24, 2012