Large Hard Nipples

Being a very dirty lady, I love my nipples. I don´t know when I first discovered how touching my nipples would make me feel but I sure know that I love it. Just the though of a hot, wet tongue licking and flicking my nipples and then that same mouth closing in on my nipple and sucking and then teasing each nipple with its teeth until each nipple is hard and erect mmm
Annabels Annabels 31-35, F 20 Responses May 3, 2012

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good girl!! enjoy!!
and add me please :)

Love nipples!!!

Like to see what all your friend r talking about. Great story. I love ****!!! Add me plz

As a man I'm lucky to have sensitive nipples too. They're a source of endless pleasure

hell yes i love playing with a nice set of nipples making a woam nscrean from the pleasure

I love **** so we would have fun!


i just love nippled play, when i'm all alone and feeling hot and bothered. i start to stroke and twek my nipples i get the uncontrollable itch of from my inner perv and my **** get hard and i start to ooze god i love playing with my nipples.

You are so naughty, delicious and sensuous. Love to admire your hard erect nipples. MMmmmm....

Have you tried this? Twirl your nipples, hold them tight, tug them away from your boobies and shake them up and down all around.

wanting to see them too............

And .... "wet spot" ... would seem like a totally inadequate desc<x>ription :)

All I can tell you is that ...... I''d suck your **** till you went ABSOLUTELY out of your mind :) Then ........... I would suck them some more!!! :)

i would love to be licking your nips now

i would love to see your nips,,,, and all of you ,,,,naked ! !

check out my photos then ;)

i didnt know you had any

My kind of lady! :) A woman's nipples are the gateways to her soul! :)<br />
<br />
Please add me and have a look at my blogs and albums :)<br />
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Warmly<br />
<br />

Can you ****** by just having them played with?

YES !!!!! might just give the a good pinch now, just for you;)

ooooo.. damn girl! Let's play! :-O

I'm the same way!! Heaven!

I hope we can see them sometime

I may just do that soon, so keep watching ;)

Love to have a taste of your sweet nipples!

It is so great to do. Especially when there is are a few hours to play. And if it leads to a few foreplay *******, so much the better. Many of ht ebest hours of my life have been spent with a nipple in my mouth.