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Nipple Turn On!

Ever since I started useing the nipple suction cups I got from "nipple funwear .com," My nipples trippled in size and became super sensative. Now I know what a women feels,love having them sucked,played with,I can actually climax from the foreplay!I tweak,and play with them everyday,great feeling,a mans nipples are directly connected to his prostrate gland,so it sends the signals right to it! The nipple suction cups are definitely additictive,but if you have to be addicted to something,what a way to go!Great for the ladies as well,keep those nipples perky and sensative!

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I'm a guy and ready for my 3rd set of SuppleNips from I started out completely flat and can now completely fill up the size #2 and the #2Ls that I have. Can't wait for the #3XLs to get here.

I wear mine right now , like I do every day.

Fantastic product.

I had to order the next size up. I actually out grew my first set.

Great suggestion! I ordered the suction cups for the nipples and they are exceptional!!! I have made my nipples double the size in a month. My nipples are super sensitive now and I just love how they feel!

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