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Nipple Biting Is My Thing...

I actually love having my nipples played with....licked, sucked, pinched pulled, but mostly i love my nipples being bitten...i know it probably sounds quite strange, as most women don't like it.

My ex used to play with my nipples all the time, and would just bite and chew them, and it would make my ***** so unbelievably wet.

The unfortunate thing though, is that i haven't found anyone who enjoys playing with my nipples as much as I enjoy it

kinkygirl7 kinkygirl7 26-30, F 10 Responses Dec 13, 2009

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kinky girl you are the women of my dreams!!!!! my first friend would have me lick and bite her large nipples until she came so hard she would shake and I thought she was having a seizere.

Biting nipples is one of the my favorites,i like to suck and bite nipples,and caresse other *** while i m biting nipple.

hey babe, I will bite and chew your nipples as much as you can handle!!!

All I can say is that there are tons of nipple loving men out here. It is just as much fun to kiss, bite, lick and suck your lady friends nipples (and *****, for that matter all three) as it is to **** her.

I can't *** that way. I have 2b whacking off when my nipples are bitten.

How about being a guy and like having your nipples bitten. It drives me crazy! I like to have them bitten to the point of being almost raw. Weird I guess, but I wouldn't give it up for the world.

Well we were together for like 4yrs and it definitely didn't start in the beginning of the relationship. I know that what really made us become more open and not embarrassed about what we liked and what not was b/c we had a longdistance relationship for 3 of those years, and we would talk every night, and every couple nights we'd have phone sex, and all of this came out then.....and then when we'd see e/o we'd try and act out those ideas.<br />
<br />
The acting out part was even hotter than the talking part, as neither of us had ever done the majority of what we talked about. After we ended our relationship, he said that he has become such a nipple lover, and that he's not sure if he could find a woman who loved it as much as i do.

I don't think that it sounds strange at all.<br />
<br />
There is "biting", and, then again ,there is "biting"<br />
<br />
To me, the most wonderful thing about sexual imtimacy is the in-the-moment interactivity of it all.<br />
<br />
What you said about ".... would just bite and chew them, and it would make my ***** so unbelievably wet." sounds so incredibly erotic. You and he being on the very same "wavelength" so-to-speak. Allowing you the space to enjoy this deeply intimate private pleasure that you obviously love so much. To be able to openly voice what you wanted to feel without shame or embarasment .... "bite them ..... harder ...... yes, like that .... suck them hard ......" touching some place deep inside you that you could only enjoy with someone who totally understood .<br />
<br />
Forgive me, this is such an arousing thing to me to be with a woman who I would be so in-tuned with. :)<br />
<br />
I wish there were more women like you :)

I know, I really do miss having that feeling.....when I think I have met someone who enjoys playing with my nipples as much as I do, it turns out that they're only into sucking a bit :(

I hope you find a lover soon who can bring back those great experiences for you.