I love my nipples being tweaked. I don't want the hair like milk ducts broken so I'm careful with them but honestly I would love to get rougher if it wasn't dangerous. I loved my cow milker snatching them hard and squeezing them. I love when my hubby bites them and twists them in his mouth. MMMmmmmm I'm getting hot again. I best stop here :)
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would love to tweak and tune them in for you !!!

chuckles ............. yes :)

good :) hehehe

*smiles at lovingexpress

is that a naughty smile? >:)

*smiles at vaqicita :)

Well... some like to go a bit beyond painful and I think that is what lovingexpress is referring to... Be careful and enjoy :)

thanks Vaqicita :) I still haven't slept and it's 2 pm.. lol. I'm kinda woozie after day 3 :)

Actually, the milk duct complex is more robust than that, They end at the surface of the nipples in fine openings that are indeed as fine or finer than a human hair.<br />
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Within reason, they are quite elastic and can handle quite a bit ... a suckling baby can give a woman's nipples quite a workout, but, then again, so can a very enthusiastic partner :)<br />
<br />
Within reason there is nothing really to be concerned about. Your body has pain receptors for a reason and that is to tell you that the activity you are engaged is "beyond reason". You will know when that is.<br />
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Not on this question (this is the first time I've answered this one) but on other questions and issues about a woman's breasts and nipples, check out my other writings and my profile and blog. Hopefully you will find other things there. And, of course I would welcome any comments on anything that I have written. :)<br />
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Warmly<br />
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believe me I have tested the elasticity of my nipples :) LOL.. however I've dealt with enough women with detached ducts that I am very leery of it myself. I wasn't really asking a question as much as voicing my personal preference but I appreciate your comment.. always happy to hear a man's opinion :)