A Little Rough Sex

I've found that I really get off on my wife biting my c--k when giving me a bl--job. Not to the extent that she bites really hard or does damage. It's just thst nibbling and the feel of her teeth on a tender part of me is a real turn on. I find myself telling her to bite harder, and nibble on the head. It really makes me hard and the sensation is exquisite and always leads to a gigantic cli-ax or great fu--ing after. I'm wondering if anyone else has found this enjoyable. It's not in the least painful. I'm not a pain lover. It just lends another dimension to a great experience.
luvlife luvlife
61-65, M
4 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Wish you were around here so I could experience your technique!

I also am oral and I bite just enough to surprise but not to hurt and the guys I have sucked really liked it - Crazyabby

Not into pain, just pleasure and a little bite now and then definitely makes it erotic. She's great at giving head. the best I've ever had.

We do EXACTLY that! My wife likes to bite down on occasion, is worried that she may hurt me and I say "Bite harder".