Nightmares Are Awesome ._.

I love having nightmares and I have a lot of them since I watch a lot of movies.  It adds up some action And excitement to my boring life and it’s nice to run away from reality by dreaming and going into this whole new world.  What’s weird and funny about some of my dreams is that they come in sequels, it’s like to be continue dream XD the weirdest nightmare I had was about this really old creepy looking woman who was eating my hair x.x  and I had a lot of scary nightmares which included chucky that serial killing doll, it just wouldn't stop following me with its stupid knife >< 
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4 Responses Oct 3, 2011

True, sometimes the nightmares give me ideas for books

Yes, we should sell our ideas.

sounds u have sleeping problem. I will be scared to have nightmares like you described but like the way have taken it.

I get worse! But I like them all XD

i once dreamed all the time that frighted me, but they stopped but the last 3dreams have had have be frighting me, have been dreaming about the devel. and woke up saying his full name Lucifer

woot! that's awesome o-o i like waking up afraid XD it's fun

no its not i was so frighted

awwww :P

cool ;-;

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Your nightmare sounds kool az, I have a sequel thing too only in every one of my nightmares i have a reliable link like I could ask my dad for a gun and he would hand me a massive as killer gun

Oh **** XD noway. Tsk tsk lucky u