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I’ve really always loved to tan, and I’ve always done my tanning in the nude.  I have a tanning deck atop my roof, and I’ve always tried to start my tanning about the time I’d start having my boys go barefoot, which has usually been about mid-March. This past summer, though, my having a good all over tan became especially important, as my boys and I had been invited for a day of nude hiking by a nudist friend we’d met by chance at the end of the previous summer. I posted that story in the “I Like Going Barefoot” section:

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my last job we had equipment up on the roof of one of the buildings that we would have to check on from time to time. I always volunteered to do that work! I found it very easy to climb up the ladder, open the roof hatch and then put my tool bag on that roof hatch while up on the roof. I would pile my clothes behind the hatch and do my checks in the nude. The roof had high walls that prevented any other building in the area to to see the equipment on the roof which also allowed for private sun bathing. I spent many a day up there, even when not sent to inspect the equipment. Thats the only part of the job I have missed.

It is great that you have a private place to work on your tan. I have to go to a nude beach or resort to work on evening out my tan, since I can't be naked outside at home. I just spent the day at Cypress Cove, and it was WONDERFUL!

To tan nude in the sun is my favorite summer activity. I especially love to skinny-dip and dry off in the hot sun. I am fortunate my backyard has a tall/large perimeter and I can walk around and sunbathe nude as often as the weather permits. <br />
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I used to sunbathe nude on the roof of a house I rented. We had the second floor. The house was surrounded by huge old oak trees. I got of on the roof for our landlord to check for hail damage one spring after a storm. I realized that the trees blocked the view of the roof from all the surrounding houses. I made that my sunbathing spot all summer long. It was interesting to be up there in the nude and stil be able to hear all the neighborhood activity. I got a great tan with no hassles. I also love hiking in the nude. I've found that in recent years, that's how I spend most of my time nude outside.

That is a perfect place of course but as you described such a relaxed and even positive attitude towards nudity in your environment, we wondered whether there are other places to sunbathe in the nude. Also, one of the best ways is nude hiking, you get a wonderful overall sun tan by walking nude!

Thanks CorPas for making me think:) well, I'll tell you one place I won't tan, nude or otherwise, and that's in a tanning bed. I only tan in the Sun. Being white in the winter and brown in the summer makes me smile because it makes me feel as right and as natural as going barefoot and nude makes me feel.