Suck And Lick

I love oral sex .... the closeness of having a **** in my mouth and my tongue pushing into that slit on the end of it, or my tongue flicking over an erect **** and then sliding down to push into that **** hole. But what's even better is to do both at the same time ... I am lucky that I have a lady friend who shares my passion for **** and **** so when a guy is riding her I push my face into her ***** and my tongue into that same hole with the **** ... it is sooooo sexual, especially when he **** and I feel him spurt with my tongue. When he is finished my lady and I 69 while he pushes his fingers into our ******** until we both ***.
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4 Responses Jan 12, 2013

So so hot!!!...Please add me

Oh I know Just how you feel there!! I LOVE the taste of a hot wet ****, but sometimes I just get such a Craving for a nice hard **** in my mouth and if it's not too big around, I can deepthroat about Any length **** and absolutely Love the feel of it when the head pops thru the throat sphincter and slides all the way down! I showed my wife one evening how it was done when I took one of her slim ****** after she'd been ******* herself with it and started sucking her *** juice off of it and then said, "Watch this baby, this is how it's done" and I slid the entire length down my throat and held it there while her mouth fell open and she just said, "Damn! I wish I could do that for you!!"

WOW! You're quite the girl!

I too love the feel and taste of a nice hard **** in my mouth as deep as it can go especially when it **** or the pleaseure I get out of licking a nice wet ***** and sucking on that hard little **** and then having it *** all over my face. I really enjoy licking on a ***** that has just been ****** or better still licking on one that is still being ****** then I get the best of both worlds. I really do wish I had a ***** myself instead of a **** so much more fun.