Pantie Lines,,,

I really adore seeing women with pantie lines, I wear Pants that when i look in the mirror I can make out my pantie lines, and so can anyone else if they look, I also leave the lace on my panties sticking out above my pants. I have been made wearing panties before by men, but what are they gonna do, say something to you? Chances are they've done the same. I have had women see as well, It does'nt seem to bother them, as most of them if I know they seen that I was wearing them they smile at me and go about their business.
I walk around the house in numerous pairs of womens pants just to try different panties to make sure that I do have pantie lines. Even in my dresses, and night gowns. Pantie Lines is a must have.
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4 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I love it too :)

vpls are almost as much fun as the feel of the panties themselves. i know exactly where you're coming from. good for you!

I love wearing panties and visible panty lines too.

I know what you mean I just love when you
see my panty lines or the top of my panties i have a guy at my work that knows I wear panties and he's always tring to see what color panties i'm wearing what a total turn on that is hope he likes them......