It's Saterday evening, my friend invited me out for diner. I'm hoping to end the night with a new boyfriend :-)

I deside to take a nice shower to be sure I will be "présentable" if things get serious ;-)

I start by shaving, all visible and parts that will be hidden. .. I get in the shower. Hot steam surrounds me. I take my cream bodywash in my hands. I rub them on my neck, my breasts...rubbing a bit more than needed, cuping them both thinking of him. Wanting his hands on me, his fingers pinshing my nipples... I am brought back to reality as I get a splash of cold water. I finish lathering up. Wash my hair too.

I just got out of the shower. I wrap a towel arround my wet hair, I grab my bathrobe as I hear a knock at the door. He's here! Early :-S

I let him in, offer him a drink and hurry in my room to get ready. I deside to blowdry my hair to go faster. I'm almost finished, I turn arround, there he is. In my bedroom.

I'm to stund to say a word. He comes closer, I back step. ..two back is against the wall. I'm traped. He smiles and kisses me.

I thought it would of been a soft kiss, but no, it was a passionate kiss. Taken by surprise, I lay my hands on his chest. He grabs my wrists and bring them over my head. He steps even closer, pushing his hips against mine. I can feel him trough his pants. Oh my, he is so hard...

Suddenly he steps back. Taking both my wrists in one hand and with the other, looses my bathrobe. I look down and see his hand pushing the bathrobe's side to reveal my breast. My nipple is already hard from his gaze. He rubs his palm against it. I gasp, wanting more! His hand goes down to my most intimate part. He reast's his hand against me, then slips a finger between my lips to find me hot and wet. I arck my hips for more...he slips his finger from my clitoris to my opening. Pushing only a little ... I want more.. I want him... now!

(But we'll both have to wait for the rest of the story as I'm running out of battery ;-) )
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Wow! You caught me off guard, what a tease!

Oh wow!!.. So looking forward to the next part....
let us hope your battery is fully charged for the next episode. ;)xoxoxox


Thank you :-)

You are welcome.

Blanche, thank you for sharing your story with us. I can't wait until you tell us the rest of the story.

As soon as possible ;-)


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