Part 2

His finger pressed against my opening, my legs want to welcome the carress by opening wider. I can't. He slips his finger upon my clitoris, playing with me. As I catch his gaze, I look at the bed, he rises an eyebrow as if he said "are you sure" I motionned a yes.

He guides me to the bed and rests my hands upon his belt. Is he asking me to undress him?!? I undo his buccle and look up. He smiles at me, encouraging. I undo the button and his zipper. His manlyness falls into my hands. I sit back on the bed. As I look and see how hard he is, he throbes. I kiss his tip. He throbes again. I deside to be a little more adventurer. I lick my lips and I take the tip in my mouth. Savoring his taste. Sucking gently on him. He back's off suddenly! I look up. Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt him? He sees the questions in my eyes and simply shakes his head. "If you go on, I'll lose the little control I have left"

I am pushed on the bed, my bathrobe completely open. Naked. Wanting. Waiting. He takes off his pants and shirt. He leans on top of me. I can feel him hard on my inner thigh. I want him so.

He startups sucking on my nipple as he cups my other breast. Twirling my hard nipple. My hips raise. It's so intense. He heads lower. Open up my legs even more. Slips one finger from my clitoris to my opening. I'm so wet. He bends over and lick the same trail as his finger did. Oh my. It's so hot. He laps my juices. I'm loosing control. He slips two finger inside as his tongue continue to tease me. I feel the pleasure rising. I moan and grip the cheats. He stops! I open my eyes, what? Why? At that moment he's in me. Hard. Hot. All the way inside. I was not expecting that. I scream both of surprise and of pleasure. He moves in and out. Slowly at first...then deaper, faster. He is pushing me off the edge. I grip his shoulders as I feel the intense wave of pleasure wash over me. As I do, I can feel him growing bigger and longer. All of a sudden, he throbes and I can feel his juices squirting inside. It's so good. He does not stop utile he has releases all his seeds in me. We both scream from the incredible pleasure that washes over us.

He rests now beside me. His head on my chest. Blowing playfully on my nipple.

An amazing man. My man.
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4 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Wow incredible..... Lovely.. The sensuous part is intense specially feeling your hotness :) sensual, erotic and very visual!

*blush* thank you


Thank you :-)

Wow..... Now that is intense...
what an amazing experience....
now i know why you was so happy yesterday....
lets hope this continues....
and you get more and more each day....
amazing...feel so happy for you...
nothing like that feeling you both *** together...
xx kisses xx
markie xx

Thank you for your kind words.
I'm glad you liked :-)

Very much so ;)