Ok well I'm 15 live in las Vegas NV...I moved here couple months ago I met this guy online named Dillon and for sum reasson we fell for eachother after talkin a couple days then on my 15th bday we got to meet each other.. we almost had sex on tht nite but I told him no cuz I didnt want to loose him ... The next nite we both gave in ...but used a condom we used condoms for awhile...and we wanted a baby but at the same time werent ready... One day we had sex and used a condom and got horny again rite after and we didn't want to waste a condom he said he wasnt going to *** but...well he did so after tht we used no condoms....I've been havein all of the above pregnacy symtoms happy, scared,sad, and worryed all at once....soon to be mommy...
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Jan 7, 2013