I Like Having Sex For A Whole Morning Or Afternoon

One time I decided that I wanted to see what my body could take and also a young guy. I had a guy friend that told me that this young guy that he sees in gym class who was only 13 had huge stuff. I found him, he was real shy. I was a Junior in High School and a cheer leader and maybe that scared him. But anyway I asked him to come over to my brothers house (that moved out and he was on a trip). This kid came over and I sat on a couch and talked for a while on a Saturday morning. I asked him if he had ever had sex yet and he said no, then i dug more and found out that he had never done "anything" to get off !! This was cool. So I put my hand on his leg and started working my way up and had to take his hand and put it on my **** to get him started. I found some pretty large bulges in his pants then eventually opened his pants and then pulled them off him. He had some huge balls and probably about 7 inches and thick, it was impressive. I felt his balls and as I rubbed his C*** he shot ***** out and so much that it scared him. He did not know what to think of what happened to him. I told him that it was normal and that his balls would make more and asked him how it felt and he smiled and said unbelievable. So I wanted to teach him more and get some fun too. This is what I did to this poor kid. I waited about 15 minutes for him to charge up in between each time. It was easy, I got him hard again and then bent over doggie style and reached back and put it in and he came immediately. I said crap, no fun for me. So I got him hard again and this time he pumped me for about 5 minutes then came again. It was so good and I got hot and did get off with a little help from my finger. I got him hard again and did it by sitting on him and reached back to play with his balls, this time it took him about 15 minutes. He said his balls ached and I told him that it was from doing it too many times. This kids balls were amazing they kept producing. The next time it took him 30 minutes with a lot of ball massage to recover and get hard (super hard). We took a shower and i gave him his first ******* with hard ball squeezes. He layed on his back and said that he could not do it again. I let him lay there for about an hour as we talked. He told me that I had the most beautiful body and was so sexy, this made me feel so good. I had him stand up in front of me and got on my knees and bounced these "big" balls in my hand and sucked on them gently, he loved it and got hard again and he said no i can't but I made him get off again and this time he groaned and fell to his knees and said his balls hurt so bad. He left after I taught him how to use his tongue on me which he did great and I had such a huge one. He begged me numerous times to do it again. I said, I thought your balls hurt bad and that I might have scared you off. He said it did hurt for several days, he said that he strained his ball muscles?? But i did make him do it again several more times and each time so many times that he could barely do it and each time he said his balls hurt bad after I got done with him?? I guess guys start hurting after they get off a bunch of times???? But its understandable since the balls have to produce ***** so fast, I don't understand why the ball muscles hurt so bad?? I guess its because of the way they pull in so close to the body. This kid that I had fun with had huge balls but I saw them pull up almost inside him?! They were too big to actually go up in there like my brothers have done, I tried to push them up and they just would not go up in there, too big. So this kid would be in real trouble if somebody decided to kick him, it would rupture him.
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we were wrestling around some and I punched his sac and he curled up for a long time, his eggs were so sensitive !!! He was so vulnerable with those things.

he will still remember you when he is 50,,lol

not yet....

Did you ever kick this boy?