I Think Making Love Is Best- For Hours

You know making love is different than having sex, right?
Making love for hours shows a real interest in the other person.
It feels good for everyone involved, both partners feel satisfied when their loved one takes their time to fully arouse them and make sure their needs are met. Time makes everyone feel special. Time isn't the main concern!  You are building a lasting bond.
I like being kissed for an unlimited amout of time and then there is touching, sometimes I need more time!
Love is 'time' well spent on lovemaking.
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I certainly agree! Most men can see this distinction but few women can. You go, girl!!

thank you for your comment!

Me and a boy friend decided that we would see how many times we could do it and keep going. It was so nice, we were 15 and had my house for a week (my parents were on vacation). I have never got off so many times and never knew that a guy could recharge so many times. We went all day and I think he got off about 6 times. Eventually hardly anything was coming out of him and it took me about 15 minutes of ball play to get him hard each time. Eventually he groaned and said "my balls"!! He said his balls could not take any more and that they ached up into his belly. I swear powder would have come out if I made him do it one more time. So I just laid there and rolled his balls around for another hour to help him recharge and he said they stopped aching. I was thinking that hey I bet I could kill him with a squeeze or knee because his balls were so weak and tender, ha ha. It turned me on to see him laying there all spread out with my hand controlling his meat balls, guys are so strong and so vulnerable at the same time and it made me feel strong to literally have his life in my hand. We kissed a lot and felt so much love for each other, it was so awesome. He got me to do this several times and each time he wanted to see if he could do more and he did. I tried this with a guy that was about 45 years old and he could only do it 3 times, mainly because I made him. He complained about the same ball ache and was super sensitive and could not do more. So I guess young guys recharge better. This one boy that was 13 did it with me and it was his first time, I got him to do it over 6 times and he went nuts, he was shaking each time because it was so intense. He eventually said his balls ached and hurt up into his belly real bad too....weird huh? I don't understand how over working balls makes the belly hurt?? But it does, just like a kick hurts up into the belly...???

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Oh yes I agree,I beleave fore play is the most important part of love making!!!There is no reason to rush a beautiful thing as sharing yourself with another person!!! It should take hours to express your feelings and desirers.And knowing that your lovers desirers are fullfilled is satisfaction in its self!! I am a 52 year old male and absolutely love older mature women.And meeting a lady such as yourself is refreshing.How about checking out my profile,who knows maybe you will find me interesting!!!!

thank you for your support, and respect. I will check your profile

I like to think it's not a race to the finish.. nice to enjoy the journey like a drive in the country. take some side trips... take in the scenary, smell the wild flowers... take your time :)

Yes you are exactly right! Thank you

I agree with you. I'm glad to see there is someone else out there that knows the difference. Most people I talk to do not know that there is a difference between sex and love making. But I also know that it is not always the length of time you spend, but the quality of time spent with someone. Are you there just to get your jollies off or are you there to become one with the person you are with.

I agree with you! Are we sisters?

You know, if we're lucky, we can spend all our time making love. Even when we're doing tasks unrelated we can at least be thinking of someone. Many things can be done while touching, caressing, smiling, flirting, etc. It's all in the attitude of how we live our personal lives.

You are absolutely right!

Yeah, at least 30 minutes. YEAH RIGHT, at least 4-5 hours.

Oh Pmacphoto you deserve a real 6 hour lovefest!

I`m workin on it.

very well written

thank you

Yes, this is truely a fine piece of writing. I agree completely love is time well spent on lovemaking.

well you are the best kisser in the world, I know taking time to make love to you is my best investment in us! Thank you!