Small Treasures

My husband and I love to walk along the beach for miles. We love the sand, and surf and the small treasures we find along our way. This story is about a treasure that I unexpectedly came across on one of those wonderful outings.

We arrived at our favorite beach in Northern California for its long beaches and secluded areas that allow us to explore and kick back without a lot of interuptions. Many a day, you could find us enjoying the pleasure of each others company without worrying that someone would object. Loads of fun and quite daring. I just love it when I am the center of my husbands attention and he never failed to please me.

However, on this occasion, I was feeling a little taken for granted because Ronnie works so many hours and hadnt been paying me a lot of attention. I mentioned this to him several times but I am not sure he got the message. One afternoon while lounging on the beach, he fell asleep on the towel so I decided to go for a walk. I love to discover sea shells or sea glass and it was one of those times when I had walked about a mile and was stooped over looking at a piece of green glass that a shadow blocked my view. I was about to complain and say "Hey, you are in my light", but as I raised my head, I saw this young man in the tiniest speedo I had ever seen. He had long flowing brown hair and it was waving in the slight breeze. His shoulders were strong and his features were stunning. He offered me his hand to straighten up and I took it. The moment I touched his hand, the electricity charged through me. I had seen men like this before but never so close and never in this skimpy of clothing. Needless to say, I was putty. My knees would hardly support my weight as he took my breath away. He introduced himself as Danny and had been admiring me from afar. I didnt know what to say. He must have been 10 years younger than me and I was feeling like a school girl as I fumbled for words back to him. We stood there talking and slowly I started walking with him, continuing down the beach and enjoying his company. Our path veered away from the water and I was a little concerned, but felt that I was going to be perfectly ok. We must have walked another mile but in reality, it was only another turn of the coast line which found us back behind a secluded area.

At first, when I realized where I was and rational thought came flooding back to me, I turned and went to leave. I mean, I am married and didnt want to hurt Ronnie. Upon turning around, Danny grabbed my arm and pulled me back sternly but gently. I could feel his desire against my body and I was overcome by the moment. His strong hands explored my body while he placed gentle kisses up and down my neck and breasts. I was gone. At this time, nothing else mattered as this adonis explored to his hearts desire. I was floating on air. I couldnt think, I couldnt breathe as Danny continued to please me. He must of have known I needed to be appreciated as he could feel me surrendering to his touch.

What was I doing, I hadnt been with another man since college and certainly never with someone younger than me. We continued to ravish each other. Danny's hands found there way into my bikini bottoms and with one fell swoop, he had them off of me before I knew it. He guided me to a spot that he conveniently had a towel where I laid down. He could feel my moisture and began to slowly head down my body with long and luscious kisses all the time caressing me with his arms around me. I couldnt stop him. I didnt want to. His mouth settled on my moist spot and he was obviously no amateur when it came to pleasing a lady as he soon had me writhing with pleasure over and over. It was during one of those writhings that I arched up and looked above on the top of the cliff and noticed we were being watched. Like before with Ronnie, I was first embarrassed and went to adjust myself to hide from this intrusion, but then I noticed it was Ronnie! I was immediately scared that I had made a big mistake and was ready to quit and run over to him, when I looked closer he was smiling. I couldnt believe my eyes. I was being pleasured by another man and my husband was smiling. I didnt get it! He noticed that I saw him and motioned for me to continue. I was confused but also drunk with pleasure and sort of foggy in my thoughts. I continued to be pleased by this young man and would look at Ronnie now and then. Danny never caught on that we had been caught. We enjoyed each other for another 30 minutes. I got up, barely able to stand and thanked him for our time together and walked backed to where I knew Ronnie would be waiting. He gave me a tough stare but I saw something different in his eyes. A look and desire stronger than anything I saw before.
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Jan 20, 2013