In a Nudist Camp

I was walking a trail at a nudist club when a golf cart came by the other direction. A couple in the cart started talking by and by she indicated she had never had a "natural" ****. Her husband reached out and slid the foreskin of my now mostly hard **** and asked her if she wanted to try. We agreed and I hopped in the cart with them we stopped at a picnic table spread some towels and started having fun she on my face and sucking the natural. We were turning while her husband was experiencing a natural himself when we noticed a group of about ten watching. It didn't deter us by now it was to late to stop , the husband and I gave her what she wanted on her face and ****.

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5 Responses Sep 12, 2009

O God, another one of those incredible fakes. Hope it did something for you.

Such things may well happen in a relaxed and tolerant nudist atmosphere, we also noticed. In Europe the attention for uncut penises is much less, since it's the majority of naked guys offering these for display but I think it is justified for American women to look for such natural beauties, at least I really prefer them for both inside and outside fun.

Nice Story. I truly LOVE letting any ladies that want to experience a natural, intact penis have the pleasure of enjoying mine.

This isn't very clear. Could you rewrite some of it? Start again after you get to the picnic table.<br />
PS: How does he reach over and pull back your foreskin if he's driving by in a golf cart?

well he had stopped the cart