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Sex In Tight Wet Jeans

ok if you read my story to get here you already know the characters,for those just dropping by its me an my gf an one of her friends, we just came back from the pool at the apartment complex an when we walked thru the door her mom was standing there an she said "i didnt really think yall were going swimming in your clothes an my gf piped up an told her "now we are going an have sex iin our wet clothes" i about fell out but anyway, i went back to our bedroom an my gf an her friend went in the had a water bed in her room an i went an pulled all the bed stuff off so it wouldnt get wet, an just as i finished they walked in an had a pitcher of water with them..i never did ask my gf about her friend but it seemed to me she was gonna a part of this(lucky me huh) nope didnt happen she was there to keep us wet while we had sex an take pictures...yea i have pics of this...any way my gf started un buttoning her jeans an i thoug she was taking them off but she just pulled them down an took scissors an cut the crotch out of them,totally blew my mind,so after that i was already on the bed an before my gf climbed in she took the pitcher of water an soaked hers an my jeans then she came an sat on my face so i could eat her ***** while she sucked my ****..the whole time her friend was takiing pictures an pouring water over gf *** an also keeping her own jeans wet,i think she liked the wet jeans or waas just horny from watching us, any way after i made my gf *** i turned her around an proceded to make love to her til i came then i rolled over an got her on top an she rode me like a bucking bronco,when we finished her friend said that was the sexiest thing she had ever wtnessed an couldnt wait til her bf got home so she could try it out on gf looked at her laughed then she said we werent done an rolled over with her *** up an told me it was my turn to ride her, so not to dissappoint her i proceded to **** her in *** only after i lubed it up with my tongue..i tore that *** up..after that those jeans became our sex jeans an she even wore them back to the pool some after that, well they were under another pair of jeans an she would just pull one pair down, you woulda had to been there when we did that it was mostly ******* her in the *** with the top pair of jeans pulled down.....hope you enjoyed thisnow lets hear from some of yall dont tell me im the only one cause if u love wet jeans theres nothin better than sex in some tight wet jeans....
wetjeansluvr wetjeansluvr 41-45, M 3 Responses Jun 2, 2011

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Yeah, it's amazing, but only during the summer.....

now that's amazing...

its alot of fun if u like wet jeans