The Fantasy Gurl Newscaster

Today I'm going to my job as a newscaster. I love it because I have a job that allows me to dress as woman. I dress in a black skirt with a blue jacket. Underneath I've put on a set of 36 c breasts with a push up bra. I want to look my best on camera. My black cami goes on top. I hook on a black garter belt then slip into matching black panties with lace accents. I attach my stockings and give my intimates a puff of perfume. After putting on my skirt and black heels I'm off to work.

After the world news comes my interview with a local business owner. He is so cute when I see him. I find the interview difficult as I can't stop admiring him. I flirt with him. I pay him compliment after compliment. Smile at him and cross my legs to allow my skirt to rise to my stocking tops. I lean over and touch him softly. I'm so hot for him even though I'm seeing a man already. When our interview concludes, I offer to show him to the studio dressing room.

As soon as we enter, I gab his pants and undo them. I drop to my knees and take him into my mouth. I work him until I get the sweet reward. He lifts me up and spins me around. Eagerly, I hike my skirt and he pulls off my panties. This man impales me in the dress dining room for another sweet blast inside me. Both of us satisfied, he leaves the studios. I untangle my panties and put them back on. A quick fix of my makeup, I compose myself and go back to work
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

I would love to pull of your panties.

I find the thought of that very sexy. I take them off myself when playing but would really like to have someone take them off of me

Sweetheart, can you write a story or what! Very inticing and so very erotic!

Thanks. I'm glad my stories are enjoyed

More then enjoyed sweetie!

I have a lot of fun writing them

I can tell! I love how you draw us in to participate. I'm so happy you allowed me to be one of your friends!

Interactive stories are hot. I love all the play back and forth. I'd like for a guy to join us and get their take sometime

I know. That would be so much fun! Aiyana joined in. I love her participation.

Yes. That story was heating up with the addition of her

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