My Wife

I told my wife either on the second or third time we got together... I knew what I was, and I didn't want to hide anything from her... After I told her, we didn't speak for a couple of days. I wanted her to think about what I had told her without pressuring her.... She has always supported me, but has never understood why.

I do not fully crossdress, just in lingerie... panties, bras, thigh high stockings and silky gowns... I do NOT wear a wig or make-up...

Since all of our kids are grown and out of the house I am exploring dressing more than just in our bedroom..... She doesn't like me wearing my breast forms, so I usually only wear them once per week... She is now use to seeing me dressed almost every day... I am hoping one day I can dress how I want to... but for now I don't want to push my luck...

We have had sex 4 or 5 times while I was dressed in lingerie... I loved it, my wife wasn't so crazy about it... she accepts me for who I am and I wish we would have sex more often when I was dressed in my lingerie, but I love her and want to be with her I will accept that us making love while I am dressed is not going to happen very often.

I loved the feeling when we had sex and I was wearing lingerie, but I am sure it won't happen very often.
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

I have been fortunate enough to have sex while wearing lingerie many times. I do think I do a better job pleasuring her when I'm feeling all feminine in my silky lingerie. She has told me that it doesn't turn her on , but it doesn't turn her off either. That's good enough for me!