All Dressed Up

so it was a Saturday and I was meeting a guy for the first time. We had talked quite a bit so we knew each other a little. Well I met him at a gas stations and he handed me his wife's panties and and bra and asked me to go put them on then come with him. I did as he asked and went in the restroom and slipped them on and then came out and got in his car.

We drove to his house and went in. I was quiet excited and to say I was horny is an understatement. well we walked into the house and to my surprise his wife and several of there friends were there. My excitement went through the roof. He had not shared with me that any of them would be there. there was a total of three couples and myself. 

Well he asked me if I was surprised and yes I answered yes. He asked me if I would undress as they all wanted to see me and be the center of the group. I was nervous but I undressed down to the white lace panties and the matching bra that fit quite well. His wife was first one to come over to me and feel me up and check me out ans say nice fit. She seemed quite happy and started kissing me. I kissed back and then she slapped me. and told me to get on my knees as I was there play toy and I would do what I was told to do. 

Well it was an amazing afternoon of pleasing them all. I was ****** by the three guys and ate out all of the women and got to suck there nipples. I even ate the women out while the husbands were ******* them. Never once was my **** touched by any of them which was an amazing feeling. The panties and bra were never removed either they just pulled the panties to the side and when they had filled me with there *** they put the panties back in place. 

When they were done with me I was told to get dressed and was driven back to where my car was left. I was told I could keep the panties and bra. 

It was an afternoon I will never forget. Would love to happen again. 
jolenexjo jolenexjo
36-40, M
Jan 8, 2013