A Little Surprise For My Man

I only had two lectures at uni today and went off home early. I was planning on having some fun with a guy from uni but it didn't happen, but it will soon. I was all done up like a cheap slag as well lol. Anyway, i went home and spent a while ************ with my ***** and a vibro which was good but i so needed a real ****.
I sat there thinking about who to contact on short notice and gave Rob a quick phone call to see if he could come home for a while to give me a seeing to. He was very busy and said I should give our friend Ralph a quick call and have him come round. Rob and I play with Ralph and his wife Maxine on a regular basis so i did what rob sugested and gave Ralph a call. Well i didnt need to twist Ralph's arm and he said he'd be right over to help me out. Ralph works from home now and he was just coming over to give me what i wanted and then he was going back home after it, well that was his plan.
I was sitting on the chair in the living room in just my brown stockings and boots when Ralph knocked on the door. I shouted loudly and told him to come right in. He had that manly smile of his that i just love when he saw me sitting there waiting. There's few ****'s in the world i love more than Ralphs. It's a huge 9 incher, very thick and he loves to slam it into my *****. There was no fore play and i had him drive his big **** into me straight away. I just wanted to feel a man pumping his **** into my hole and bring me off quickly.
And Ralph did not disapoint. I came twice, nice cumms too, before he came inside me and there was no way i was letting him go home after that, lol, i wanted more. Again i didnt have to twist his arm up his back to make him stay.
It was well after 8pm when Rob got back from work and he walked in to find me riding Ralph's big **** on the living room floor. I had a ***** in my mouth and was playing with my nipples when i saw him standing in front of us. He stood there open mouthed and i just had to take his **** out and suck him to a cumm while my ***** pulsated with yet another cumm. Well i did feel very lucky to have my ***** and mouth filled with some lovely hot *****.
Rob ate my ***** out for ages after Ralph left and he's only just starting to fall asleep now lol. Mmmmmmmmm it's been such a nice tasty day for me, more tomorrow if Ralph can afford to take the day off lol.
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May 9, 2012