The Best Sex Ever!

I know, you are saying, Callgirl, Hooker, Ho, but nothing could be further from the truth.  She is a true lady.  Classy, sophisticated, sexy, exciting and she loves seeing me.  She knows what turns me on, she has limits, but they are expanding as our relationship grows.  The more we see each other and explore, the more open she becomes and the sky is the limit.  I've never had such liberating sex with someone.  I do have to worry about being honest and open about my sexual desires.  She accepts me and wants to help me explore.  Really, it's not because I pay her.  We have a relationship that goes deeper.  Everyone has to make a living.  She's just killing two birds with one stone.  I love her.  She's the greatest.
funboy3 funboy3
41-45, M
Jul 20, 2010