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My story is not that amazing I don't think. I am an accountant and was working at the time or a small company that sells and services construction equipment. Over time I began to develop a casual relationship with our Service Manager. This was totally innocence at first as we are both married. Marc is the Service Manager and he would always inquire about my two teenage kids and then tease me about doing something in a thong like picking cherries from his cherry tree while he would then undo the thong and "pop my cherry." I would usually reply "If you ever saw my cherry you wouldn't be able to handle it, let alone pop it. That would take a REAL man." This bantering went back and forth for almost two years as Marc settled down with his new wife who was from the Philippines. Marc's wife is a very intelligent woman, holding a degree in engineering and able to hold her own with Marc.

Over time my own marriage was feeling stagnet and my husband who had changed careers was very much into his career and into a new hobby. I am not the type that likes to be alone and yet I found myself alone more and more and I found that I was no longer sexually attracted to my husband. Combine that with a bad back and I was able to stop making love with him and we entered into a sexless marriage that I know drives my husband nuts. While one thing my husband does know is that I do LOVE making love. I love having a average or better size penis up inside of my vagina so that frustrated him. At work though, besides the teasing and banter that Marc and I had, we had also developed a side of talking and sharing. I have to admit I started to like Marc and that liking turned to attraction and infatuation. Marc is tall, slender, two years younger than me and I was in my early forties at this time. My husband is the opposite, two years older and though tall, not as tall as Marc and much more round/fat.

One day at work I had to work late and Marc had stayed to build some of the equipment and earn extra money for doing that. As I was leaving I went out to the shop and told Marc I was leaving. Marc got up, went over and while washing and cleaning off his hands, asked me "D you think married people can be attracted to other people they aren't married to?" I felt my heart flutter as I replied "Oh most definitely." We then talked about that and Marc asked me if I would be willing to come over to his place for a drink. Now I don't drink alcohal and Marc knew that so he clarified he woud have a "drink" and I could have a Pepsi. I agreed as I knew my husband would be busy with his new hobby and not home that night. I asked about Marc's wife and he said she was out of town on business.

I followed Marc to his house and the thought that I was going to his house began to make create fantasies of what it would be like to kiss him, to have him take me in his arms and touch by boobs and undress me. By the time we got to his house about thirty minutes later I could feel my ***** getting wet and there was a longing for a man to have his **** go up inside of me. We got out and went in and Marc had me sit on his couch while we drank a Pepsi for me and a Beer for him. We talked more about marriage and I found out that his marriage was good but his wife was so busy with work he felt alone at times. I used this to express my same emotion. At this point Marc just listened and after listening finally said that he wanted to take a shower and if I would wait for him and then he would make me dinner. Sure I'd wait and upstairs Marc went.

I could hear the shower start and during this time I made a decision. I wanted Marc like a high school girl wants to have a high school boy. I was infatuated with Marc, attracted to Marc and yes, I was soaking in my panties for Marc. I went upstairs and found the master bedroom easily enough. I could see the walk in closet and both Marc's and his wife's clothes. The bed was there and the room was painted blue. I hate blue rooms because it reminds me of my mother who I have to take care of and who loves blue rooms. Oh well, I wasn't moving in (or else the room would be painted) and I undressed until I was naked. I then went and laid on the bed wondering what Marc would do when he ended his shower and came out. I was going to screw Marc tonight, several times to get out my pent up sexual tension and yearnings. I hope he was ready for that.

Now I don't consider myself the most beautiful of women. I am overweight slightly (30lbs) and I am not a knock your socks off woman either with my face or body. My face is average, I consider it ugly with a long slender nose but my lips are nice! I have green eyes and dark short hair. Now my boobs and **** are another story. I purposedly wore shirts to work that showed my cleavage and the line between my two boobs. I did this to drive Marc wild as he always told me he wanted to bury his face in that cleavage of mine. My tummy is plump and I don't shave off my pubic hair or ***** hair as Marc calls it. I'm all natural down there. My ***** itself has nice wide lips and I can easily get off with a **** ****** as well as then having a vaginal one. I do have nice feet and toes.

Well, soon the shower ended, I could hear Marc drying off and then leaving his shower and he stepped out of the master bathroom naked and saw me laying naked with my legs partially open so he could see my ***** and I was hold my breasts together and my nipples were already hardening. I reached down and touched my **** and ***** and asked Marc who was standing there if he liked what he saw and wanted some of it? Marc come over to the bed, laid down next to me and told me "Your my fantasy." He then kissed me, this tongue entering my mouth and our tongues going back and forth. It felt so damn good to be french kissing a man again. I felt his hands go over my back and he drew me close. I could feel his **** hardening against my side of my belly and I reached a hand down and gently touched his balls with my finger tips and slight fingernails. Marc moaned and instantly I felt his hands on the side of my breasts, gently rubbing them. As we continued to passionately kiss and touch, Marc moved one of his hands down to my moist **** and ***** and began to play with me. Soon I could feel my sexual organs stirring with deep desire and pleasure. I moved his hand away not wanting to ****** too soon and we returned to doing foreplay with each other.

Marc now took his lips off mine, and began kissing my neck which is a huge turn on. From my neck he went down my breastbone and then to my right boob. His tongue began to lick my nipple which soon was hard and as erect as Marc's penis. Now Marc began sucking my boob and sucking my nipple. It felt SO GOOD to have a man on my boob. Marc kept up sucking, kissing and licking my boobs and nipples for a good thirty mintues turning me on more as he fingered my *****. At last I brought Marc up to a kneeling position where he straddled my chest and using both hands I played with his balls and then started kissing them. I worked my tongue up his shaft that shuddered as I did so and then took the head of his **** into my mouth and began to use my tongue to stimulate the top of his head and the hole in the penis. Marc moaned and his **** started getting harder and bigger. I took his head and almost his entire shaft into my mouth and Marc began to make love to my mouth. At this point I used one hand to play with his balls and to hold his **** in my mouth and then used my left hand to stimulate my ****. In less than 30 seconds I had an ****** ending the blow job.

Now I rolled Marc over and laid on top of him. Taking my right hand (it seems I always have to guide a man's **** into my vagina) I guided Marc's massive **** into my ***** which was begging to be screwed. As I put it is, I shuddered from sheer joy and pleasure! Before going in, Marc stopped me and asked me "Are you sure?" I responded my putting his **** inside of me and squeezing it and saying "Hell yes! Now make love to me." Marc and I started making love and soon I was on top of him sitting as he drove his hard 8 inch **** into my wet and wanting ***** over and over again. Soon I leaned forward and we began to screw in earnest. Damn, it felt so good getting laid again. I took his hard **** out and started rubbing my **** and vagina on his balls and **** until I had a clitoral ****** and shot my *** onto the bed. At that point I collapsed on top of Marc and started to try and get his hard **** back inside of me as wave after wave of ****** now spread over my entire body. Marc took his **** and guided it into m ***** and that set me off. I started pounding on his **** harder, faster and I could feel his **** swell as it got ready to shoot its load. Faster I went until I felt Marc no longer capable of holding back and his **** shot his *** and ***** into my waiting ****. I squeezed his **** over and over, milking it as I came at the same time. Laying on top of Marc I started kissing him and my tongue entered his still eager mouth as we continued to screw as afterglow came over us.

We laid by each other and talked and in talking agreed that I didn't want to leave my husband or family and Marc didn't want to leave his wife. However, we both needed to feel more love and affection so we agreed there and then to have an on going affair. After that talk I was tured on again so I turned Marc on again with another blow job. While doing that Marc adjusted positions and put us into a 69 and we had delicious oral sex for the next forty minutes. That ended in another round of sex and full blow intercourse with Marc ******* inside of me. We went one more time after that and then I drove home and went to bed beating my husband home by a couple of hours. All that night I felt Marc's *** inside of me, and some oozing out. I didn't clean it up, I touched it, I smelled it and I found I loved the memories it brought to me.

So now for the last 3 years Marc and I have been lovers. We have screwed at work a several times once when the owner was there and looking for me. Marc and I were naked in a bathroom that had just been clean when the owner knocked (Marc was inside of me screwing my brains out) asking if I was in there. Marc said, no, just him. The owner left and Marc and I continued to screw for another 20 minutes before I had my multiple ******* and Marc exploded his *** into me. Marc and I have mainly screwed in my bed at my house or his bed at his house. Then late this summer Marc told me his wife had a job in the Pacific NorthWest so he was moving there with his wife. He would never forget our time together but it was time to end it. His wife had made adjustments and he now felt guilty about cheating on her. I had just changed jobs, leaving that company and returning to a CPA firm so Marc and I were not going to see each other. Actually it had reached a decision point of giving up our spouses (my two kids also) and moving in together or moving forward with our families and spouses. We choose to stay with our families . I handled that okay as my own husband as changed now and I am longing to be with him more. Just last weekend my husband was a man and ordered that we were making love period. That night he tenderly and softly made love to me and I had forgotten that his **** was thicker and larger than Marc's and it felt so good to screw the man I am married to. Initially I was only going to do a hand job on my husband and it started that way but we were naked, he started to kiss me, to rub my boobs and he then rubbed my **** bringing me to climax so by then I had to have his **** in me and we made love and screwed.

So, there you have it. Two lonely people found each other at the job, both of us had affairs and had a long term affair of 3 years and then ended it. My husband suspects but hasn't confronted and to be honest, at 45 I realize that as good as Marc was in bed, he cannot compete with my husband both in the bed and in life. Marc fulfilled my needs and I his, but in the end, I am not sure I would ever do this again.
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Nov 30, 2012