Not Nearly Enough

It's kinda weird but I I have a high sex drive yet don't get to use it very often.  I'm pretty shy which is not good if you're a man. 
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Thanks guys....I had forgotten I wrote that BuffyAnne, glad you liked it :)

I will no doubt :-)

Haha, thanks...that is where my problem is, when I've made a move in the past it hasn't payed off...I think I go for women that don't like me for some reason. I actually talk with women quite a bit but I can't seem to initiate anything. I feel stuck and I hate it.

Well thanks, I appreciate that...that's where a lot of women get the wrong idea about me. I'm tall and not bad looking but I'm pretty introverted. I think most women expect me to be outgoing. Oh well, I just keep on truckin' and something will happen for me eventually.

...that's 'cause you haven't tried it with me... LMAO! ok touch is very important, but you don't want to jump into every bed out there w/ STD's and such so why not help your cravings in the mean time?

Yeah, nothing can compare to the human closeness, heat, friction, breathing, etc.

It's the shy ones you have to worry about. J/K Have you considered phone/computer relations? Not to sound like a freak but it can be much safer and still satisfy your cravings.

I keep running into shy men who don't know that we women are as anxious for sex as they are, and we are at a disadvantage because we're not suppoed to be the agressor. I'm lucky cause i have a wonderful husband who will help me when i see a guy I particularly want to ****, but not all women are so lucky. For our sake, get over the shyness bit and make your **** as easy to get to as we do our ******.