Terry And Plastic Panties Are The Best

i love the feeling of terrynappies and plastic pants the way they hang beteween my legs make me feel soo secure and babyish because they make me waddle like a little baby my wife puts me in nappies and plastic pants 27/7 because she dosent trust me any more not to be in them because i wet myself out one day and the car seat got wet she said at night was one thing  but that was the last straw and seing as i wet my self like a one yr old then she was going to put me into nappies and plastic pants like a one year old that was 5 yrs ago and i now have to wet my nappies just like a baby ive always wet at night without knowing it so she said to me it wont take long to train me into nappies full time just like a real baby now i just rely on my nappies and plastic pants like a baby most of the time i just go and dont really have any controle any more she likes to dress me like a sissy baby girl at night and in baby dresses during the day when were at home as she says it easier to change a baby girl in a dress she even makes me wear frilly plastic pants and always calls me her sweet little sissy baby and now its the way im going to spend the rest of my life being cared for like a sissy baby ive now become

All for now sissy baby honey
sissybabyhoney sissybabyhoney
Jul 21, 2010