I went in 2009 and It was the best places I have ever been. I toured by helicopter over the islands, ate fresh fish with fruit, and danced all night at a luau.
I <3 hawaii
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The only place I hear bad reports about is Honolulu, Oahu has a million people on it, it has crime and traffic jams just like you would expect. It's a beautiful place but there's too many people and the tourist don't help.

Maui is a great place if you want to party and or play golf. And the drive to Hana is fun.

The big island is just that, big, it's 300 miles around and not many tourist and the ones there hang out around Kona. There's several little secluded beaches on the big island where if you want to skinny dip or lie in the sun naked the likelihood of someone seeing you is slim and nil.

Kauai is paradise in my opinion, few tourist and beautiful beaches but it's not a party island unless you stay at one of the resorts.

Don't believe all the negative crap you hear about the islands, it's a great place to spend a few days. Expensive? Yes, but paradise is not cheap.

No I don't live there or work for a travel agency, I live in Arizona, but I've been there many times and enjoy it every time.

Thanks! Kauai is next on my list ;). Your lucky to have gone so many times.

finally a good comment about Hawaii!!!!!!!! I've been reading tons of negative comments about Hawaii. and sharing my opinion

I dont think I've ever heard bad things about hawaii, hmmm that strange.. although my visit was a bit more luxurious I still could appreciate the beautiful water, friendly people, and the warm rains. Its just a beautiful place! How could that be negative?..

Yep, it's a nice place to visit. Even when the weather is lousy it's still pretty nice.