A Fascinating Show!

I love this show! I am fascinated by it! I have a strong religious past and used to be a fundamentalist, so a lot of the values I had, LDS folks also have.  So there is a lot in this show that resonates with me.

The whole polygamist thing also fascinates me.  I think this show is proof that just about any religious principle can be done in a healthy/positive way as well as a creep/corrupt way.  In the right setting, I might be a polygamist.  I have always loved communal living - I miss college dorms :)  Having friends and family nearby is a wonderful thing.

The whole "rugged individualism" of the west just doesn't work...the nuclear family all on their own...ends up alone, isolated, and often results in divorce.
Anlienisse Anlienisse
31-35, F
Aug 18, 2007