Big Love's New Title Sequence

Wow! I liked the old title sequence in that had them all skating on ice, but I find the new title sequence, both the music and the artful video of each of them falling, one of the most compelling and haunting sequences I have ever experienced. It deserves an award!

EvesHarvest EvesHarvest
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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

I've tried to give the new sequence a chance, but I much prefer the old one. The skating, the veil coming between them, the cracking ice, and finally losing their grip on each other formed a nifty allegory for the constant conflicts in the evolving story. To me, the new sequence seems like a Mad Men ripoff. <br />
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We have always used our DVR to record the show, and we still always watched the whole opening sequence. That great old Beach Boys song ("God Only Knows") didn't hurt, either. Now I tend to hit fast forward. But, hey, the show is so good, I can handle whatever title sequence they want.