Why I Personally Love Hbo's Big Love From My Own Experience.

Hi all you lovers of Big Love.  Big Love had already been on 2 seasons, or more, before I discovered it.  While browsing dvd movies at the video store, I happened upon some dvds of Big Love.  I didn't really pay that much attention to it at the time although I was somewhat intrigued by the name "Big Love".  Then I noticed it on cable TV and I started watching it.  It was already in it's 3rd season.  I fell in love with the show right off the bat.  I couldn't wait to catch up on the back shows that I missed.  This show I can really relate to.  It fascinated me that it was about Mormons although it mainly depicts Mormons that believe in polygamy.  During my teen years my father brought home 2 LDS Mormon missionaries.  I still remember their last names.  Then one of my older brothers and I started to attend Mormon church services.  I started attending church with a big family that befriended me.  This family, the 2 Mormon missionaries, and the small Mormon congregation were a very positive effect in my life.  Now I think I made a wrong turn having not stayed with the church.  When I was 17 I was baptized and joined the church.  One of the missionaries my dad had brought home made a special trip back to IL from his home in Utah to baptize me.  But not long after-wards I quit going due to being upset at this interview I had to go through before I could be baptized.  The interview by a group of older elders was done to determine my "worthiness" to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.  In those days I was very shy and introverted.  As I look back though I realize now I made a wrong turn in quiting the church.  I have 2 grown sons that make it impossible for me to really have regrets but that was one of few happy periods of time I had growing up.  That is the months I was active in the LDS Mormon church.  I gladly remember the missionaries, the family and the small church congregation all of whom were kind and friendly people.  They are like no other church members I've ever experienced meeting.  It's no wonder they are called Saints.  I mean I think Mormons got some funny beliefs but when you look at the kind of people they are you got to see they are genuinely good people.  So getting back to the show "Big Love", I know I watch this show with a pretense and a longing to be part of a family that has a sense of big love in it.  While growing up I was the youngest of 5 children and there was a certain amount of love and family togetherness in our family despite it being dysfunctional.  But I left home when I was 18 and unfortunately have grown apart from my other siblings.  And so as I watch "Big Love" I feel like I'm right in there with Bill and his 3 wives and all of them.  My favorites are Bill, Barb, Nikki, Margene and I especially love Joey.  Joey is indeed my top fantasy man!  I loved him being with Kathy who got killed on the show.  But I'm happy they still have her twin sister playing on the show because it's like they still have part of Kathy on there. Anyway I truly enjoy watching HBO's "Big Love".  I guess that's all for "my story" right now.

shyblossom shyblossom
51-55, F
Mar 8, 2010