I Feel Good

I love fresh fruit and veg's.  I started eliminating different foods that affected my health and now eat only the fresh stuff.  Now that my income is changing and winter is coming, I'm hoping frozen might be the next best thing.  Any comments?

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3 Responses Sep 4, 2008

Yes frozen can be pretty good, I agree with Nyxie, that's what I've heard, but don't forget all the basic root vegetables that are around in Winter (well I guess they are ....they are in the UK!!)...all the carrots, parsnips and Swedes etc. Great in stews and cheap too! We also grow kale in the garden which is Winter hardy and good for a bit of green stuff!! lol

that is great!!! I love fresh fruits and veges. I am already starting to feel a difference in my health!

CM, I read recently that frozen veggies can be just as good and in some cases better than fresh because they're flash frozen right after harvesting, as opposed to some supermarket produce, which can sit around for awhile both in transit and while on the shelf. You could also buy fresh now and freeze it yourself. That could save you some $ over buying the commercially packaged stuff.<BR><BR>Here's some info I turned up from Eating Well magazine:<BR>http://www.eatingwell.com/health/qanda/fresh_vs_frozen.html