I Like a Balanced Diet.

You know what that means - balancing the unhealthy with the healthy. A bit of everything! Don't get me wrong, I love my fresh fruits. I also love my mum's unprocessed cooking. But I gotta have my icecream too. And my chocolate and cookies and cake. And some crisps now and then :D

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6 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Yes, balance it the key! Gotta have a bit of each flavour. Why just chocolate or just vanilla or just coconut or strawberry? Why not ALL?<br />
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I've always wanted to make my own icecream. You can come over any time to help me make some :)

I know! I want some too!<br />
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If you find some, invite me over!<br />
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Oh, just make sure you have a "balanced" diet if you have ice cream...balance the flavors, never just stick to only one kind. :p

Yeah, it's great isn't it? The best of both worlds lol!<br />
Why should we limit ourselves to particular foods as long as they don't threaten our lives?<br />
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Mmmm....I wouldn't mind some icecream right now.

Lol, I'm the same way...love healthy food, <br />
but have to have other things sometimes too. :p<br />
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(Especially ice cream!)

Greek yoghurt with bananas and honey sounds delicious :D I must make a note to try that out sometime.

Haha, that's not what health experts mean when they say "balanced diet" :P but I agree with you :)<br />
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I need to get my greek yoghurt tomorrow so I can eat it with bananas and honey!