I stand behind you in the shower my manhood hard and tight up against you.
The gentle water cascading over us.
I run my hands over your body, nibble your ear lobe and kiss your neck.
My fingers trace lines across your stomach and down between your parted legs.
Your breathing is heavey as i play my fingers across your moist treasure, you gasp as i apply gentle pressure.
One hand traces around your erect nipples and you lean back against me.
Your head thrown back on my shoulder.
Your body starts to stiffen, im coming you whisper, your moans increase as the waves wash over you.
I desire you and am satisfied i can give you pleaseure because you are worth it.
Now lets go to bed you say.
charlie1960 charlie1960
51-55, M
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A never ending circle

That's an invitation you had better not turn down! :)