A Woman's Moans

I did not know that the sound of a woman's moan is so arousing until I realised that our mutually pleasuring one another caused her moans..................and mine.
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7 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I agree. To me the sounds on a woman's voice moaning in pleasure is quite the turn on for me.

I never realized it before, when I ******, I let out this quick high pitched scream. Gail mentioned it to me, she said it turns her on even more.

Even better is when you'r trying desperatly to be quiet so you don't get caught. That wild look in her eyes as she starts to moan then bites her tongue.

Ahhhhh, it is like becoming enraptured as you behold a soul-stirring operatic performance and slowly coming to the realizing that you are the Maestro!<br />
<br />
Only surpassed by hearing the words---"Encore! Encore!"

oh yes ... mmmm

That unexpected true moan of ecstasy from a womans lips is what true men live for

:) I could go for some mutual moaning.