Discovering The Truth About My Innocent And Proper Debutante!

I am very glad this group exists. And very glad to find out others get off as much as I do hearing about their wives history with other men.

My wife and I met after college, we went to the same school but didn't meet until we were around 24. She is a gorgeous blonde who was on the dance team, sorority officer, Dean's ambassador, etc. She is very fit and has runners legs, but great full C cup breasts!

She went to school to become a teacher and taught 5th Grade for many years before children.

When we first started dating I honestly thought she was a virgin because of how proper she was, and honestly how tight she was! We waited 4 months, yes 4 months, after dating to finally have sex.

When visiting her parents on the coast of Florida early in our relationship, we went out to dinner with an older lady she was friends with when she was a counselor at a Summer camp down there. A couple of other counselors showed up, including one very built black guy. Everyone was friendly to me but him and he kept trying to talk to my wife (GF at the time). So I figured he liked her but she would never see a black guy beacuse of her upbringing and demeanor.

We played pool all night at the bar and he kept glazing at her and me. He kept going over to the juke box and playing Dave Matthews (remember this for later in the story).

After drinking a lot and talking to my wife that night, she admitted to having a relationship with him. I asked if they had slept together and she kind of said yes, but if so, only once. I was pissed and infurated at her for letting me meet this guy and for he steeping so low.

I used to be very jealous and really mad that she had anyone before me. I guess this was a thing when I was younger. Being jealous of any man that had dated or touched my wife before me.

So about 3 years ago we finally connected sexually and began to explore her past. Boy did I open a can of worms, but one I enjoy!

My wife was having trouble talking dirty to me when she would be giving me handjobs, so she started telling me light sexual stories when she was in high school.   They mostly just consisted of hooking up and a once in blue moon hand job. Which kept me believing she was a good girl.

I do a lot of overnights in my job so I asked my wife on a 3 day business outing to send me a past sex story. I didn't honestly think she would, but had high hopes. I had overwhelming anticipation all day in my meetings that I would get a sex story email from her. After getting back late one night I got the normal email from her and after the first few lines I thought she just ignored my wish! However, I got lucky and this is what I received. Copied and  Pasted exactly how I rec'd it.

"Hi Honey,

I hope you are having a good meeting. The kids were great today and xxxxxx won xxx soccer game! And even scored once! We are going out to dinner tommorrow with your parents but will be at the airport to pick you up when you get home. I want you to know how much I love you! Sooooooooooooo..........

Although I am hesitant to send this I think its what you are wanting! Delete it after reading it!

Do you remember the black guy you met that time in Florida that I was summer camp counselors with? Well, I was not very honest about the relationship I had with him.
We had an ongoing sexual relationship for 2 summers that I was there. He was very upset that 3rd summer when you came down and realized our summer flings were over. I know this because xxxxxx told me about it and he kept playing Dave Matthews that night at the bar because we used to have sex to it a lot as a sound berrier from his roommates. We would have sex on the golf course, in back of his car, in the pool, at the camp directors house, and anywhere we could find. It was kind of an out of body experience for me because all my friends and sorority sisters were over 1000 miles away. And as you know, Jake (her college bf) lived in Pennsylvania. So there it is! I have come clean, I didn't tell you back then because I know how mad and jealous you used to get. So now that is out, here is your story. I chose one I did with him because they were some of my wildest. I will try to make it as detailed as possible and dirty as possible per your request :)

XXXXX was really awful with the kids and yelled at them a lot at the camp. He was a former college football player and he thought he didn't have to do other things that were required of our counselors. He was 25 at the time and I was 19. So we had several parents complain about him. I was kind of  XXXXX's (female camp counselor) assistant so she asked in a meeting for me to handle it. First, I called him out in front of the staff for being rude to parents and then told him I would need to see him after the meeting in my boss' office.  No one knew we were seeing each other so they didn't think anything of it, Once he was in the office I closed the blinds and told him to sit in her chair. Once I got him in there I just flipped and totally surprised him.  I straddled him and quickly undid his pants, massaging his **** and balls until they were good and hard. Sorry honey but what they say about black men is true, he was VERY hung. Then I slowly licked it from top to bottom getting him good and wet. Due to his size, I couldn't really get him in my mouth so we didnt have much oral sex. Afterward, I used one hand to cup his balls while I slowly jerked him off.  My counselors uniform was a khaki skirt, xxxxxxx polo with sneakers and socks. Before I could finish him, he turned me around, hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties put on a rubber and stuck his hard large **** in my *****, then he ****** me slow and hard on the desk until he came.  He quickly pulled his pants back up and stormed out slamming the door behind him and no one was ever any the wiser.  I readjusted and did some paperwork until everyone had gone back to their stations.  When we were done and came out of the office everyone thought we were all flush from arguing. No one knew about it until xXXXXXX found a Magnum rapper in the trash can and confronted me because she knew of only one counselor that would need a condom that large! She laughed and said she suspected something anyway!

I cannot wait for you to get home, this has gotten me really excited, maybe you can bend me over your desk when I get home and I can tell you more!""

Needless to say I jerked off about 3 times that night after reading this. I was so excitied to not only get home and find out more but that we had reached this level in our relationship.

I remembered this guy was about 6'2" 225lbs and was a linebacker. So he must have been very hung as she said. My wife then was about 5'5 112 ilbs. So he must have put a pretty good hurting on her *****. It turns out they tried to have sex 5 times before she could finally get a custom to taking him and she bled for 2 days after he finally did **** her. With such soreness she took Aleve and missed work!

Since I have about 10-15 more stories that I can share and will do so. Even found out she ****** 2 guys in the span of an hour in college...that is one I will share later!

Oh, you must wonder why I thought she was a virgin because she was so tight. Turns out during one of her exams when she was pregnant they said he had an irregularly small vaginal opening. Which resulted in C section because the baby would not come out without a lot of tearing!

Nothing turns me on like the thought of her getting railed by that big black guy on that desk dressed in her counselors uniform with a ribbon in her hair, khaki skirt, polo, and sneakers on.  
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Thats a hot **** hardening story ! cheers

Great letter,love when they share.

love the note. thanks for sharing. what ever made us jealous?

Great story! My wife has also had a couple black men. I love when she talks about those times

Hot story! My wife has told me a number of her exploits as well and I always found it a huge turn-on.

I'd love it if my wife was that open about her past! It sounds so hot!

I forgot to add that my wife is extremely southern and proper. From an old southern family......All of her sorority sisters and husbands make racist comments all the time. If they ever knew she had a relationship like that with a black guy they would be floored! She tells me that is one thing that made her give in to him and have the summer flings.